Why these prices?

  You may be asking yourself, "why these prices"? Well here is a brief explaination as to why my prices are set the way they are. I am a true professional detailer who has spent years perfecting my craft in order to give my clients the very best results. I attend seminars, classes, and expos routinely to ensure I am up to date on all the best the industry has to offer. So as I aspire to keep my prices competitve, they may be more than some of the other detailing companies. Those that do not utilize the most current technology, carry proper tools, supply their own distilled water wash system, or have any type of liability insurance.

  Your vehicle is ususally an investment second only to your home. Would you hire a contractor or home repair company with no website, no reviews on Google, no INSURANCE? Neither would I. Lastly, as the owner of the company I believe that TIPS are not expected as I price my services according to the work I provide. I certainly hope this has helped to encourage you choose me as your personal detailing expert. Don

Waxing, Sealing, & Paint correction 

 Whether by hand with synthetic polishes or when utilizing the most advance DA polishers and pads I professionally compound, wax, and polish without leaving swirl marks. I clean even the most sensitive varnish without leaving a mark. The oscillating action of a DA polisher can be used for mechanically working compounds and polishes safely and laying down a uniform coating. 

 Paint correction is the process of polishing a vehicles paint surface to remove imperfections such a small scratches, swirling, light oxidation, and/or bird dropping marring. This process delicately removes the top layer of paint to repair your vehicle. There are several levels of correction available in my package prices.

  Detail Kings STS 3000 is a combination of polymers, resins and Zonyl that provides a longer lasting layer of paint protection. Typically last over twice as long as regular wax. STS 3000 is the  most advanced sealant on the market today. 


My FOAM CANNON system uses high-quality products and nonabrasive pressure washing equipment to produce the best results for your vehicle. I DO NOT USE DISH WASHING SOAPS AS THEY WILL DEGRADE THE  PROTECTIVE COATINGS OF THE PAINT. I also pressure wash your wheel wells and scrub your wheels and tires with specifically designed products. My Meguiars exterior shampoos are most effective and also biodegradable. I also offer rinseless washing for "GREEN" developements that do not allow water run off.

Clay Bar Treatment

Clay bars and Nano-Skin gloves help to remove contaminants that just washing will not. Does your vehicle stay outside year round? Has it been a long time since your last cleaning? Does your vehicle look clean but when you run your hand over the surface it feels gritty? This is railroad dust, chemical fallout, iron sediments from tap water, brake dust and other things that have imbedded into the clear coat. Just waxing alone will not remove these.

Interior Detailing

Every day, your ride's interior is exposed to heat, sunlight, dirt and grime, resulting in significant wear and tear. I use non-greasy cleaning products to clean and protect all your hard plastic surfaces and I also deep clean your most used surfaces to remove hand oils and residue. use automotive specific glass cleaner to get all that road grime off of your windows. I use a powerful 5 HP vacuum along with compressed air to get all the nooks and crannys of your interior. Lastly, I can treat leather seats and dash components with the best Meguiars leather cleaner and conditioners if you need. Let me restore your interior to mint condition.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration and oxidation removal is a safe way to restore a clear bright appearance to your headlights. I do not use cheap topical temporary creams. I machine sand and polish them for a long lasting clean result. This is far cheaper than replacing them. 

Engine Bay 

Your engine compartments often get overlooked. We live in a seaside community and the salt air, pollen, and road dust can create a real mess unter the hood. I uuse a combination of degreasers, Tornador air tools, and steam to completely refresh the engine bay. 


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